How it Works

Why NFT Collection

Humankind's storyline is continuously
encapsulated in the digital feed of Twitter.

Volyr's collection is created by the people for the people. It encapsulates important moments of humankind's storyline through 10.000 tweets kept as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The mint price is 0.025 Ethereum (ETH) and each one of the NFTs will be created based on user selected tweets. Each tweet can be minted once and therefore it is unique and can not be minted by other users.

The final result will be a collection of key moments and expressions of the journal of our modern civilization, namely Twitter.


Provable ownership

Each item in the collection is a digital asset with a universally verifiable proof of ownership via the Ethereum Blockchain.


Immutable data

The NFT data is stored in the Ethereum blockchain (metadata) and in the decentralized InterPlanetary File System (IPFS - image) to ensure immutability.
After minting, no one can change the NFT data.


Tradable collectibles

Each item is capturing a significant moment in humankind's storyline and can be passed down to future generations, embodying something greater than just its original monetary value.
As all collectibles, it can be traded in various NFT markets (e.g. OpenSea).


Unique pieces

To ensure the uniqueness of each collectible, each tweet can be minted only once and belong to only one owner (collector).
This uniqueness increases the value of the NFT as a collectible and ensures that there can be no imitation.

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